Reiko Kuroda
Professor, Department of Life Sciences, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences / Member of the Administrative Council/ The University of Tokyo

Received her Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University of Tokyo. She worked at King’s College, London, as a post doctoral research associate in the Department of Chemistry and Biophysics, then as a Research Fellow / Honorary Lecturer. Obtained a permanent position at the Institute of Cancer Research, UK. She came back to Japan in 1986 taking up an associate professorship at the University of Tokyo, and in 1992 was promoted to a full professor. She was an executive advisor to the President of the University of Tokyo (2003 - 2007) before becoming a member of the Administrative Council. She had and has several Japanese governmental positions: a member of the Council of Science and Technology Policy, Cabinet Office, an advisory board of the Prime Minister (2001-2007); the Central Council for Education in the Ministry of Education (2003 - ), an executive advisor to the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (2002 - ), the Japanese National Commission for UNESCO (2007 - ) and an associate member of the Science Council of Japan (2006 - ).

Her research focuses on chirality (left-right handedness), which includes solid-state chiral chemistry, instrumentation of chiroptical spectrophotometers as well as developmental biology. As a highly accomplished researcher, she has published over 220 scientific papers, been invited to give lectures at many international academic conferences, holds 6 patents, and leads Kuroda Chiromorphology Project as an ERATO ( project funded by JST (Japan Science and Technology Agency). She was awarded Saruhashi prize, Nissan Science Prize, Molecular Chirality Award and Yamazaki Teiichi Prize.