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UTokyo Model Support Plan "10 Years to Establish a Career"

What We're Doing

One of the issues the world in the 21st century facing is creating connections among people regardless of gender and nurturing a richer culture and more vital society. We are also taking up the gauntlet in dealing with this issue here at the University of Tokyo.

1. Support for 10 Years to Establish a Career

2. Support for Pre-Career 10 Years
3.Internationalization of Women Researchers
4. Issue of "Todai White Paper on Women Researchers"
*Positive Action: Rising the number of women researchers up to 25% of Newly-employed


In December of 2003, the University of Tokyo Gender Equality Basic Plan was adopted. In April of 2006, the Committee for Gender Equality , formed of faculty from each department, was established under the auspices of the President and it works for gender equality within the university.

In addition, in the year 2007, the Todai Model Support Plan "10 Years to Establish a Career" was adopted in "Supporting Activities for Female Researchers" of the Special Coordination Funds for Promoting Science and Technology of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT). Based on this plan, the Office for Gender Equality was established in September of 2007 at the University of Tokyo with four full-time faculty and staff members, and it began developing and implementing concrete promotional support activities across the campus for the following four important projects.


Project1:Support for 10 Years to Establish a Career

I: Career Support

     (1) Positive Action (Establishing Numerical Targets for Women Researchers)
     (2) Constructing an Information Network for Women Researchers

II: Life Support
   (1) Preparation of Daycare Facilities on the Four Campuses of the School
   (2) Setting Up an Advising Room for Women Researchers

Project2:Support for Pre-Career 10 Years

Project3:Internationalization of Women Researchers

(1) Lectures by Top Women Researchers
(2) Participation in the International Alliance of Research Universities (IARU)

Project4:Issue of “Todai White Paper on Women Researchers”



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