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Development of Working Environment

The section for Development of Working Environment (SDWE) is conducting concrete plans and proposals to develop of environment which enables for all members to continue their research, study and work in the university.


Providing Childcare Facilities

Todai Kashiwa Donguri Day NurseryThe University of Tokyo makes a great effort to provide childcare facilities which especially women researchers and female students can continue their carriers.

There were three nurseries in the university, ‘Tanpopo Nursery School Eon Hongo Campus (Ninka Hoikuen: Bunkyo City Authorized Nursery School), ‘Todai Komaba Area Nursery School Eon Komaba Campus (Ninsyo Hoikuen: Tokyo Metropolis Certificate Nursery School) and  Ehe Institute of Medical Science’s Temporary Nursing Room Eon Shirokane Campus. Given that these nurseries could not meet the demands within the University and that it was very difficult to find a regional nursery in the Metropolitan area, more than quite a few students or researchers had been forced their research to be stagnated or discontinued.

SDWE proposed ‘Basic Policies for Daycare Facility Provision for the University of Tokyo Faculty and Students’ which was settled as an official plan in February 2006. Following the basic policies, ‘the University of Tokyo Hospital Ichou Nursery School’ was opened for the hospital staff in April 2007. Furthermore, the University established four nurseries on four campuses: ‘Todai Hongo Keyaki Day Nursery’ on Hongo Campus (April, 2008), ‘Todai Komaba Mukunoki Day Nursery’ on Komaba Campus (October, 2008), ‘Todai Kashiwa Donguri Day Nursery’ on Kashiwa Campus (December, 2008) and ‘Todai Shirokane Himawari Day Nursery’ which was rebuilt from the former temporary nursing room (December, 2008).
Because of the recent increasing need, all applicants for nurseries will not be necessarily accepted.

Nurseries of UT


Improving Amenities (e.g. Lounges, Washrooms for Women)

SDWE is carrying out a survey of the present situation about lounges or washrooms for women.


Improvement of Safety on Campus (e.g. Setting up of Outdoor Lamps)